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Audit trail definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
An audit trail is the evidence, such as purchase orders and invoices, that a financial transaction actually occurred. They lack an audit trail, which would allow the regulatory agencies to reconstruct the sequence of trades. An electronic audit trail of transactions would strengthen market regulations in many ways.
audit trail Wiktionary.
Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search. Wikipedia has an article on.: audit trail plural audit trails. A formal record or log of the financial transactions of an organization or system, especially such a computerized record. See also edit.
SAS Data Files: Understanding an Audit Trail.
Contents of the Audit Trail Obs product reason_code _ATOPCODE_ _ATUSERID_ _ATDATETIME_ 1 AUDIT Add new product DA xxxxxx 22JAN2007124327: 2 SAS DR xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202: 3 SAS 10% price cut DW xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202: 4 SAS DR xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202: 5 SAS 10% price cut DW xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202: 6 AUDIT DR xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202: 7 AUDIT 10% price cut DW xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202: 8 AUDIT Add new product EA xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202: 9 AUDIT Add new product DA xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202: 10 AUDIT Add new product EA xxxxxx 22JAN2007130202.:
Audit Trail.
Tax Lot Accounting. BREAKING DOWN Audit Trail. This is the technique used to track improper market activity. By documenting and analyzing all houses and brokers involved in specific trades, those who follow the audit trail can hopefully identify the culprit.
audit trail définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge.
It's' important to keep an audit trail to see who has changed a document and when. The database provides a full audit trail of activity. Definition of audit trail from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Comment se prononce audit trail?
Audit trail Define Audit trail at
Origin of audit trail Expand. First recorded in 1965-70. Based on the Random House Dictionary, Random House, Inc. Cite This Source. Examples from the Web for audit trail Expand. Any financial transaction would also most likely have left an audit trail.
Reviewing Audit Trails within the Concur Travel Expense System University of Colorado.
Within the Concur Travel Expense System, the Audit Trail is a record of all changes made to an expense report. There are two types of items that appear in the Audit Trail: actions at the report level, and actions at the entry level.

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